Leading Matches Manufacturing Company

Meeting Your End Needs With Safety Matches

We are flexible in making a variety of products with match boxes.

Leading Matches Manufacturing Company

Veneer Matches

Veneer Matches are used mainly in humid and very cold areas because of their tendency to withstand moisture.
Leading Matches Manufacturing Company

Wooden Matches

The sticks are wooden sticks where we have two options namely Indian Malabarica and Imported Poplar.
Leading Matches Manufacturing Company

Wax Matches

Wax have boxes made of duplex boards on which the customer label can be printed. And the sticks are wax sticks made by paraffin wax and tissue paper.
Leading Matches Manufacturing Company

Long Stick BBQ

Barbeque matches or Long stick matches are used as promotional as well as in Hotels to light barbeque, stoves and grill.

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Want to have your own design on the match box and advertise your brand name?

So What’s Next?

QUENKER MATCHES, one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of world-class match boxes from India ever since 1980.

Quenker Matches, situated at Kovilpatti, India, where the area has expertise in making match boxes for decades. Quenker incorporates modern techniques in the making of match boxes, making it one of the finest quality producers to make the customer sell with value proposition to its consumers.



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