Kitchen Safety Matches Manufacturer

Quenker Matches is India’s leading exporter of kitchen matchsticks in both carbonized and non-carbonized kitchen matches can be customized at Quenker Matches. Due to their widespread use as domestic items, kitchen safety matches can also be used as household matches. Our matches are naturally absorbing and composed of high-quality raw materials. As a result, our kitchen safety match performs brilliantly with a single strike and is also water-resistant.

Specification of Kitchen Matches

Quenker Matches customizes 105 x 65 x 25 mm, 115 x 65 x 30 mm, 100 x 55 x 14 mm, and 81 x 55 x 28 mm sizes.


Splints we offer

We offer splints in the range of 42 mm/ 47 mm/ 55 mm.


Splints Quality

As we use high-quality raw materials, our splint quality also lasts long.

No. Of. Matchsticks per Box

We customize matchsticks as per the following sticks that are listed below.



Colour of the Head

Quenker Matches provide Wax Safety Matches in five different colors. They are


Side Friction

Side friction is of two types. They are Dotted with margins and fully tinted with border.

  • Dotted with Margin

The side friction in the matchstick offers the burning flame; in barbeque matches, we offer two designs. One is dotted with a margin.

  • Fully Tinted with Border

Another one is fully tinted with a border.

Packaging Type

We have two types of packing. They are Primary packing and individual shrink packing.


Primary Packing

This type of packing is done at an ordinary primary level.

Secondary Packing

The secondary packing has shrink packing and a transparent polybag.

PVC Packing

The packing is done using Poly Vinyl Chloride

Printed Paper Packing

Making using of the brand, the outer cover is printed and packed.

Shrink Packing

Packing that is done using plastics is called shrink packing.

Transparent Polybag

Using the transparent polybag, the packing is done.

Tertiary / Mastery Packing

Tertiary packing has two types. They are

3 Ply Color Printed Krafton

Brown Krafton


Is there a Safety Match mainly used for Kitchen purposes?

Yes, we have kitchen safety matches that are widely used in kitchens.

Where Can I find the Kitchen Safety Matches Exporters?

Quenker matches offer high-quality kitchen safety matches to our customers in need. We also customize the color of the head in matchsticks as per customers’ demand.

Why are Kitchen Matches a safe option to use?

Kitchen safety matches are safe to use because these matches are specially designed only for the usage of kitchen purposes.

What type of splint is used for Kitchen Safety Matches?

Potassium chlorate and red phosphorus are made used as a splint in kitchen safety matches.

M1 Standard M2 Economic
Spec: Targeted Market: Spec: Targeted Market:
49x35x13mm Most part of West African market specification, Standard size 48x35x12.5mm Most part of West African market specification
40sticks 40mm 40sticks 40mm
Head Colour Client Choose Head colour client choose
10s Paper /Pop Packing 10s paper /pop packing
10×10 Pop Shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce 10×10 pop shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce
10x10x10 Multi Colour Carton 10x10x10 multi colour carton
Packing goes with 10x10x12 Carton Packing goes with 10x10x12 carton
2700 Carton Load Ability 3000 carton load ability

Client Testimonials

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