Veneer Matches

Quenker matches have been known for being one of the top veneer safety matches exporter for so many years. Quenker matches follow a routine process in making the veneer match stick; initially, in this process rubber tree is made use of, and later the inner box is made use of cardboard. The unique nature of not losing shape or properties to exposure to less temperature is the main advantage of using the rubber tree. Due to its property to withstand moisture, veneer matches are typically employed in humid and frigid climates. The main advantage of using Veneer is that it can light under any condition.

Specification of Veneer Matches

Quenker Matches has an extensive selection of Veneer Matches, which are well-liked in the market for their user-friendly features. In addition, the veneer matches are composed of high-quality materials; the matches don’t require laborious attempts to light. Quenker Matches offer size in the range of 49 x 36 x 14 millimeter.

Splints we offer


Colour of the Head

QuenkerMatches offers different color types, such as black, brown, yellow, green, red, and blue.

Side Friction

The side friction in the match sticks plays a vital role and may vary based on different types of match sticks. For veneer matches, Quenker offers side friction that is fully tinted with a border.


Wooden Safety Matches Exporter


Blue Paper Packing
Ten matchsticks are placed in a blue paper packing.


Blue Paper Packing With Label
A hundred matchsticks are placed in a blue paper packing with a label.


3 Ply Color Printed Carton
A thousand matchsticks are placed in a 3 Ply Color Printed Carton

Brown Kraft Carton
The packing of matchsticks is based on Brown Kraft Carton.


What are veneer Safety Matches?

Veneer matches are made using the duplex board on the inner side, and on the outer side, the wood is used to ensure the match burns and is flammable. Veneer matches are widely used because of their 100%moisture proof property.

What is the lighting purpose of Veneer Safety Matches?

The main purpose of veneer matches is to help the human body withstand any weather condition because of their moisture-proof nature. They can light up in any weather condition.

How are Veneer Matches different from other Safety matches?

One main advantage of veneer matches is that they are 100% moisture-proof and can be used anywhere.

What type of material is used in manufacturing Veneer Safety Matches?

Potassium chlorate and sulfur are raw materials used for manufacturing veneer matches.

M1 Standard M2 Economic
Spec: Targeted Market: Spec: Targeted Market:
49x35x13mm Most part of West African market specification, Standard size 48x35x12.5mm Most part of West African market specification
40sticks 40mm 40sticks 40mm
Head Colour Client Choose Head colour client choose
10s Paper /Pop Packing 10s paper /pop packing
10×10 Pop Shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce 10×10 pop shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce
10x10x10 Multi Colour Carton 10x10x10 multi colour carton
Packing goes with 10x10x12 Carton Packing goes with 10x10x12 carton
2700 Carton Load Ability 3000 carton load ability

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Looking for a match stick that helps to keep your body under warm conditions?

Quenker’s veneer safety matches meet all your needs!