Wax Safety Matches Manufacturer

Quenker matches are known for offering superior quality wax safety matches as we use high-quality raw material and excellent grade material to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Quenker Matches manufactures wax safety matches that are expertly crafted. We make sure the wood is chopped into small pieces and ammonium phosphate-soaked. The wet sticks are then allowed to dry before being cleaned in hot paraffin wax. The flame burns effectively due to the paraffin wax. Since the keen matchstick process is our area of expertise, we are regarded as India’s leading exporters of matchsticks and matchboxes.

Specification of Wax Matches

Quenker Matches offers two sizes; they are 44 x 32 x 12 mm and 43 x 30 x 10 mm cartons ranging 3500 and 4100. The splints range in millimeter 30 mm / 32 mm/ 35 mm. Quenker Matches are easy to use, made of duplex board, and extremely light and split are perfectly made.

Splints we offer

We offer splints in the width of 1.3 mm/1.5 mm


Splints Quality

The burning heat of the match stick produces splints; thus it is significant nature to prove the quality of the match stick.

No. Of. Matchsticks per Box

30,35,40 Avg

Colour of the Head

Quenker Matches provide Wax Safety Matches in five different colors. They are


Side Friction

  • Dotted with Margin

The side friction is customized in a way it is dotted with a margin.

  • Fully Tinted with Border

The side friction has a border that is fully tinted in nature.


Wooden Safety Matches Exporter


Ten number matchsticks are placed in two different packings; they are

  • Bopp Packing
  • Printed Paper Packing



A Hundred number matchsticks are placed in two different packings; they are

  • Shrink Packing
  • Transparent Polybag



A Thousand number matchsticks are placed in two different packings; they are

  • 3 Ply Color Printed Carton
  • Brown Kraft Carton


Why Choose Wax Safety Matches Over Other Matches?

Wax matches, also known as smoker safety matches, are manufactured for the ideal smoking as they give out long and bright flames.

What type of Wax is Used in the manufacturing of Wax safety matches?

Wax safety matches compose of Paraffin Wax, ensuring the flame goes down the stick.

How to find the best Wax Safety Matches for daily purposes?

To figure out the best wax safety matches, make sure to see if they have the appropriate licenses, matchstick manufacturing unit, and are reliable.

Where Can I find the best quality side friction made for lighting Wax Safety Matches?

Why look elsewhere when you can get high-quality wax safety matches from Quenker Matches?

M1 Standard M2 Economic
Spec: Targeted Market: Spec: Targeted Market:
49x35x13mm Most part of West African market specification, Standard size 48x35x12.5mm Most part of West African market specification
40sticks 40mm 40sticks 40mm
Head Colour Client Choose Head colour client choose
10s Paper /Pop Packing 10s paper /pop packing
10×10 Pop Shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce 10×10 pop shrink Any specification as per client requirement we can produce
10x10x10 Multi Colour Carton 10x10x10 multi colour carton
Packing goes with 10x10x12 Carton Packing goes with 10x10x12 carton
2700 Carton Load Ability 3000 carton load ability

Client Testimonials

In need of lightweight and one-strike wax safety match sticks?

Quenker Matches can get you one!