Safety Matches

Fulfilling customers’ specifications according to their demands with established quality, we are proudly known as Quenker Matches, India’s leading safety matchbox manufacturer and exporter.

As a safety match sticks exporter, we produce a proven range of safety matches with wide varieties. Our products include cardboard safety matches, wax safety matches, kitchen safety matches, wooden safety matches and more with proper packages.

We are achieving a satisfied state of mind only with the help of our customer-focused safety matches. Offering the products by keeping buyers’ persona and fixing it with the flexibility of purchasing, stability of the safety matches and achieving peace of mind with our diverse product offerings to different countries.

Quenker understands the expectations from the buyer’s perspective and executes them quickly. As a result, we are your one-stop solution for all your safety matches needs.

Understanding customers’ needs by exporting our fine-quality safety matches worldwide increased our demand in the market. In addition, Quenker matches are known for their premium finished products, making us the largest long match stick supplier in India.

Achieving a success rate of 100% as a leading long match sticks exporter from India by proving as an excellent exporter in India globally. Our wholesale safety matchboxes have been made with complete dedication and passion only to produce non-breaking safety matches.

Veneer Matches

Veneer matches are moisture-proof matchsticks that can withstand cold temperatures. Quenker’s veneer matches have carbonized splits that can hold temperatures which are hard-wearing in nature.

Quenker Matches has premium quality Veneer Safety Matches, known for their extensive performance, safety and ignite in a single strike. Our qualities made us reach as one of India’s top veneer safety matches exporter.

Wooden Safety Matches

Quenker Matches are known for leading wooden safety matches in India, as we ensure to customize in a way they are manufactured and supervised under trained professionals. Aspen and white pine are two prominent types of wood used for this. After being produced, the matchsticks are covered with a fire-retardant substance called ammonium phosphate. As a result, the stick won’t continue to burn after the match has been extinguished.

Cardboard Safety Matches

Since 1980, Quenker Matches has produced high-quality cardboard safety matches using raw materials such as softwood and duplex board to ensure smooth striking by using high-quality softwood. Cardboard matches are widely used in kitchens, restaurants, and hotels.

As per the quality standards, we ensure complete safety in using our cardboard matchsticks. Unlike others, Quenker uses soft wood to grip the matchstick. We export easy-to-burn carbonized matchsticks of the highest quality. In addition, we offer standard pocket matches, which are used in virtually every household. Quenker, a Cardboard safety matches manufacturer and exporter, produces a highly long-lasting range of matches with proven customers’ concerns.

safety matches

Wax Safety Matches

Wax safety matches are often referred to as smoker matches, ideally used for smoking purposes. Raw materials used in wax safety matches are phosphorus and paraffin, and the cardboard used in the wax safety matches is a fine-grade duplex board with splints made from chopped tissue paper and wax splints. This type of wax safety match is used for all kinds of weather conditions. It is wise to use wax safety matches compared to other matches because they can be used in damp conditions and provide great flame.

As wax safety matches manufacturer, our matches are covered by utilizing a duplex board with a Quenker label or a customized brand name as a label for our customers. They are incredibly lightweight and ignite in one stroke. The matchbox is made from fine-grade duplex board, while the splints are made from perfectly chopped tissue paper and wax splints. Wax matches are damp-proof. They are handy for residential as well as commercial use.

Kitchen Safety Matches

Kitchen matchsticks are apt for use in the kitchen and can also light fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves or barbecues. Compared to other types, kitchen matches have the quality to hold the ignite for an extended period, which is one of the reasons why kitchen matches are better. We source woods like white pine and aspen for the match body. Quenker Matches are made from superior quality raw materials and are damp-proof and sturdy. In addition, as a kitchen match manufacturer, we are recognized for their flexibility and breakage strength.

Long Stick BBQ Matches

As the name suggests, these matches contain long sticks; these matchsticks are widely used in hotels, for lighting grills and stoves, and for barbeque uses. Quenker matches are known as leading barbeque matches as we supply high-quality barbeque matches to hotels and other restaurants across different countries.