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South African

Quenker Matches, based in Tamil Nadu (India), is dedicated to providing an export service for a range of high-quality, fast-moving safety matches manufactured and sourced by Quenker Matches.

We follow advanced techniques in quality checking, and our well-equipped lab assures the quality before finished products move from our hands to South African markets. However, based on the buyer’s request, we will also undergo customizations for our matches.

In a short period, we touched the excellence of quality and captured sufficient room in the international market by pulling out all obstacles.



40/45 sticks

40/42mm (Carbonized splints)

Head colour client choose

10s paper packing

10×10 pop shrink

10x10x10 multi colour carton

2400 carton loadability

‘LIME’ matches is our registered brand for south African market

We do have great work experience in this market

Any specification as per client requirement we can produce

Safety matches in South African Market


Why choose Quenker matches for your international orders?

We deliver your product at the right time with exquisite quality.

Which safety matches are best for the South African market?

Quenker manufactures cardboard, wax, kitchen, veneer and barbeque safety matches in the high-quality range. Our complete package of products will be suitable for South African markets.

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