Safety Matches Vs. Strike anywhere Matches

Safety Matches vs Strike Anywhere Matches

The difference between the safety and strike-anywhere matches is more; the science and concept behind each of them vary from the other.

Do you want to know why?

Well, a few common ingredients are shared between each of the products. But the formulas are different. For example, you cannot make safety matches to get ignited anywhere and strike anywhere matches to get ignited on a particular surface.

They are from the same room, but they share different histories. Also, know about what are the 5 main uses of wooden safety matches? and get benefitted.

Let’s get started with the differences and learn the process and science behind the two of them!

Question of the blog: Do you know why you need safety matches for outdoor activities?

Safety Matches

The term “safety matches” itself clearly explains why it is safety matches? They are safer to use in normal and any conditions.

Safety matches appeared around the middle of the nineteenth century.

Matchhead of this type contain two main active ingredients: Potassium Chlorate and Sulphur.

Without any purpose, the matchstick won’t get ignited. So there must be another main active ingredient to work: Red Phosphorus. Also, match heads contain glue which acts as an extra fuel and not only binds the elements.

How do safety matches manufacturer work on their rhythm?

Safety matches are very common in every household. Probably required for many purposes; there is no one or two here. They have the simple concept of striking smoothly. But do you know the chemistry behind the safety matches and how they get to do their job?

The only difference between the safety match and strike anywhere is the chemicals between them. But, unfortunately, both of them don’t have proper chemistry!

Are Safety Matches better than Strike-Anywhere Matches?

Let us clear one thing here!

Safety matches aren’t way better than strike-anywhere matches. However, both products are equally important; it depends only on your requirement.

For example – If you want a matchstick that works in conflicting weather, then all you need is a safety match, particularly waterproof or stormproof safety matches.

On the other hand, if you need a matchstick which needs to strike immediately. Then go for strike anywhere matches; it lights on any surface.

If you want reliable and quality matches, both matches will do their magic because all you need is a matchstick which needs to do its work.

Strike-Anywhere Matches

This match type contains sulfur, phosphate and friction agent, i.e., glass powder makes hold together with a binding agent.

In this concept, it already contains phosphorus in its match head. So there is no need for a specific character to make it ignite. It can be rubbed or struck anywhere to get that sizzling flame.

All you need is a slightly rough surface helping to bring out the heat from the given active ingredient on the match head – phosphorus.

Does it strike anywhere?

Yes, it will get striked away if there is a rough surface.

It gets on cement, rocks, and hard floors; a simple rough surface is enough.

Friction between the two causes a chemical reaction that turns the red phosphorus white. As a result, strike-anywhere matches contain phosphorus on the match head

Is it a common type of match?

Because phosphorus will accidentally ignite, it is considered highly flammable, which is why they are stamped as illegal in many countries. However, the prediction led to the invention of safety matches requiring a hard surface and phosphorous-containing strip.

They announced that it is safer to use strike-anywhere matches, which can be readily available in general retail stores and emergency kits.

Safety Matches Strike Anywhere Matches
Reactive Ingredient (matchhead) – Potassium


Phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate
Reactive Ingredient (striking surface) – Red


Striking surface – Special striking surface

includes with matchbox

No requirement (can be striked on any rough surfaces)
Raw materials – White pine or aspen wood Same

Closure Thoughts

There is no such case as one being better than others. Understand the difference and purpose behind the safety matches and strike-anywhere matches.

The Concepts between both of the matches are simple. It all relies on the head (we meant match head)

But the effort of buying safety matches is more accessible than strike-anywhere matches. There are plenty of safety matches manufacturers available online to make things easier.



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