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Here are the Best Guides on Starting Matchbox Manufacturing Business in India

Do you want to know how to start a matchbox manufacturing business?
If yes, you are in the right place, where we explain in detail how to get involved in your dream business for making match products.

We know that light and fire are essential parts of life because of cooking food, camping, burning fireplaces etc., So let’s get started to learn how to do the matchbox manufacturing business in this article.
How to initiate the business?

Anyone can start a matchbox manufacturing business from scratch by strictly maintaining safety norms. Matchsticks are consumer-friendly and durable products, and their demand is growing daily. Anyone who knows its channel distribution can start a matchstick business with moderate investment.

It is always advisable to have well-planned details. It will provide the proper information about the capital investment, machinery, and raw materials needed and where to source.

Key to note:
-Anyone can initiate the business by sticking to the safety norms
-The demand for matchsticks is growing every day
-Have the proper details for proper planning for setting up the plant.
Steps to initiate the Matchbox Manufacturing Business
We all know the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. So, anyone with confidence and persistence can start a matchbox manufacturing business. There are a few best guides to initiate the matchbox manufacturing business.

Create an entire business plan for a matchstick manufacturing business. Determine the business objective and selling strategy. It is always recommended to have a personalised project report. Hence this will give the proper information about the capital investment, machinery, and raw materials needed and where to source. Get the production agreement with the right formula from a trustworthy source.

Location is necessary

To establish the matchbox business, choosing the right location is highly critical to this business. Matchstick manufacturing is all about dealing with dangerous and highly reactive items. So, It is advisable to set the unit in an industrial zone.
Ensure that the proper documents, like pollution under control certificates, have been signed for approval from the government and the surrounding people.

Key to note:

-Choosing the right location is mandatory.
-The Matchstick industry is to be set in the industrial zone.
-Ensure that it has got approval from the pollution control board.

The authorities should sign legal formalities and documents

Another critical step for initiating the matchstick industry is, Resolve the legal pattern of the business. People interested in the matchstick industry can start as a single proprietorship whether they are starting on a small scale with less budget. Approvals should be obtained from the Pollution Control Board and also need permission from the fire department and sales tax registration.

Key to note:

-Legal pattern for business
-Approvals and permissions should be obtained from the government, pollution control board etc.,

Easier availability of raw materials

This business involves three-part methods of manufacturing the matches. One is the matchstick, and another is the match head.

Matchsticks are made up of wood. The wood should be strong enough to absorb the pressure while striking. It also requires porousness to absorb chemicals when they are treated. Pine and aspen trees are primarily used in matchstick manufacturing. Also, presently wax and plastic are used to make matchsticks.
Match Head
This is the part where the chemicals are passed over to create a fire when struck with the side face of the matchbox. The substances used primarily are sulphur, an oxidising agent like potassium chlorate, binding agents, starch, etc.
Matchboxes are usually made of cardboard. The side surfaces are used for striking purposes. The side surfaces are mixed with red phosphorous, powdered glass, and glue.

So far, these are the essential materials for manufacturing matchsticks. They should be sourced frequently, with the best quality and more durability. Start the production unit through a semi-automatic process, as previously. Matchstick production was labour-intensive. Still, different types of machinery are now available for producing a matchstick, either semi-automatic or automatic.

Key points:

-The raw materials should be readily available everyday
-Matchbox business involves two steps, namely, Match heads and Match sticks.
-It can be initiated through a semi-automatic process, as different types of machinery are available.

Arranging the funds

If the funds are needed to start the matchstick manufacturing business, the business project plan will play an important role. This plan should be explained clearly to investors by approaching the banks, government agencies, capital investors etc.,

Key to note:

-Funds play an essential role
-The business plan should be explained to the investors
-The procedure can be approached to banks, government agencies etc.,

Marketing is necessary to level up the business

As matchsticks are consumer-friendly products, it urges the branding activity to gain market share. Matchsticks are sold in higher volumes. The victory of this business depends on the solid channel network. To achieve this, sell the match products locally and offer your channel partners profitable business deals.

Prepare a better marketing plan for the business. A wide range of low-cost marketing ideas for promoting existing products. Creating a website with dedicated customer support for the ordered products will help provide easily accessible to choose the matchsticks online so that it will build trust among customers about the match company.

Key points:

-The matchstick business demands branding activity to get its share
-The success of this business depends on the solid network
-Prepare the proper marketing plan.
-Creating the website with dedicated consumer support will bring easy access as well as trust among customers.
Essential tips for doing the Matchstick Manufacturing Business
In the matchstick manufacturing business, the quality and packaging of the product must be concentrated very much without compromising. Also, business tie-ups with retail brands can be established. Ensure the product’s availability is at every retail store where business is being done.
The business report should be well-planned by creating detailed manufacturing techniques and guessing the financial aspects by estimating the raw material costs, calculating the cash flow statement, etc.

Quenker Matches is one of India’s best matchsticks and matchbox manufacturers, are selling matches with proper planning and calculating every detail. Also, our matchsticks are being exported across the globe. Henceforth, we are looking for more safety, quality and durability of the matches to bring trust among customers.

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